This lesson has been a little less stressful. That is in part due to having my first book report finished. I also started reading the book, Mastery, by George Leonard. It is a book I read part of many years ago and am very grateful to be reading it again. At the time, I first read it my younger brother had recently went through a dramatic transformation. He had lost a tremendous amount of weight, went from being agnostic to going to a Christian church, and had matured an incredible amount. I finally asked him what brought about his transformation and he recommended I read this book.

I read a short publication and watched a talk by Jeff Sandefer. Sandefer is the founder of the Acton MBA school. I learned valuable lessons on not only entrepreneurship, but how to “learn to live a life with meaning.” Living a purposeful life is something I have struggled with for years. I just seemed to be coasting through life. In Sandefer’s talk, he mentions the three things people over 60 ask themselves:

  1. Did I contribute to something meaningful?
  2. Was I a good person?
  3. Who did I love? Who loved me?

In Sandefer’s publication, Are Successful Entrepreneurs Born or Made?, he concludes, “Entrepreneurs become successful, one small investment at a time, in a never-ending process. Because entrepreneurial success isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. A journey taken one determined step at a time, in a way that builds lifelong treasures.” Being an entrepreneur isn’t about money, it’s about freedom to do what you want.

This lessons links:

Perseverance – James E. Faust

Are Successful Entrepreneurs Born or Made? – Jeff Sandefer

Most Entrepreneurs are Not Rock Stars – David Friedberg

How Do You Find Your Passion and How Do You Pursue It? – Randy Komisar

A Hero’s Journey – Jeff Sandefer


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